Free Journalism School in Ukraine

Free Journalism School is a non-government educational institution with an experimental approach to studying. Free school has become a big research laboratory in media and mass media in Ukraine.

Free Journalism School was founded in 2012 with the aim to change media landscape of society, to prepare new generation of progressive media-managers, editors and journalists.

Spring lecture: March, 31 - April, 3.

Durations: 4 days from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM. 

About the program


Schedule: 4 days from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM

Program: three questions instead of one topic. First, designing and launching innovational and multiplatform media. Second, media as a business. Third, text excellence, authorship and editorial practice, multimedia texts (storytelling, copywriting, SMM and SEO).

Number of lessons: 30 lecterns and practical workshops with discussion and material working out.

Final Results and Internship: graduates get Free Journalism School diploma upon successful completion. Internship with course trainers lasts 1 month. Further employment is in editorial offices.

Educational Trip: all graduates get an opportunity to visit leading European media centers. Lectern graduates shall visit editorial offices in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France.

Graduates Feedback


Educational trip for students to the leading international media centers of Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium 

Entering the Program


The program will be helpful to everybody, who deals with media projects, multimedia IT projects, journalism, society studying, those who work with texts, runs business correspondence.

Age restrictions: 16 years old. Our oldest graduate is 63 years old.

Does the applicant have to be a journalist? No. We’ve met professional journalists aiming to upgrade their qualifications and people from other professions willing to broaden their knowledge, learn to create media and work with texts.

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The cost is 1600 hryvnias for the whole educational course with all the necessary materials 

Venue: Lesi Ukrainki, 1 (Central Election Commission)

Curators’ contact details: 

+38 044 362 28 36 | + 38 067 508 68 58 | +38 093 252 27 31 

Tomas Torok

Headed The New York Times Computer-assisted Reporting Team. In ten years the team played a role in eight projects that won Pulitzer Prizes and three that were Pulitzer finalists.

Konstantin von Eggert

Journalist, Editor-in-Chief in Moscow BBC Bureau (2002-2009). For his work for BBC, Konstantin has been awarded the title of an honorary member of the British Empire Medal civilian division on behalf of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Matthew Ganapolsky

Journalist, theater director, radio host at “Echo of Moscow” and radio “Vesti”

Yegor Mostovshikov

Deputy Chief Editor, founder of the magazine "Batenka".

Nikita Zeltser

Managing Director at Caramba Media, Deput General for video produts and techologies in Rambler & Co



Yevgeny Kiselyov

Journalist, author of documentary films. Previously was a director at “National Informational Systems” (production of programs “Novosti”, “Podrobnosti”, “Podrobnosti Nedeli” for TV-channel “Inter”) and talk-show host at “Bolshaya Politika with Yevgeny Kiselyov

Andrey Savelyev

Producer of the program “Evening Urgant”, first chief editor at Time Out in Russia. Launched Time Out Kiev

Ksenia Lukichova

Chief editor at

Dmitro Navosha

Project leader at

Slava Baranski

Co-owner at

Aleksey Ametov

Founder and Director General at Look at Me (The Village, Look At Me, Fur Fur, Wonderzine)

Alex Munipov

Editorial director at Arzamas

Anton Fridland

Writer and journalist 

Denis Kaplunov

Copywriter, the author of "Mass Destruction Copywriting," "Efficient Commercial Proposal", "Content, Marketing and Rock 'n' Roll"

Olga Poholok

Agency Fedoriv. Author, content developer

Andrew W. Lehren

Correspondent at The New York Times

Oksana Pavlenko

Owner The Devochki website

Marina Baturinets

SMM expert in coworking "Platform" and "Street Food" 


Elina Slobadyanyuk

Famous Ukrainian copywriter, author of books “The Desk Book of a Copywriter” and “Treasure for a Copywriter” (published by a respected publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber)

Uliana Boiko

Chief Editor at Pink Ukraine Magazine 

Oksana Gonchar

SPN Communications Agency, Senior copywriter

Eugen Kulakov

Usability and web-analytics expert

Tamara Ivanova-Isaeva

Translator, journalist, independent restaurant critic, member of the International Academy of Restaurant Critics

Olga Filina

SMM specialist 

Inna Zolotuhina

War correspondent, journalist 

Vitaliy Portnikov

Publicist, political observer, host at “Radio Svoboda” and TV-channel “Espresso TV”. Previously chief editor at TVi

Svetlana Panushkina

Chief Editor

Svetlana Grivkovska

Instagram blogger, founder of the The Gorod community

Eldar Nagorny

COO at Depositphotos, head of marketing director at UMH Digital

Anton Krasovskiy

Journalist, TV-host. Anton has created "Kontr TV" together with Sergey Minaev. He is making "Sobchak & Krasovsky"  project together with Ksenia Sobchak in "Snob" magazine.

William H. Dutton

The Director of Oxford Internet Institute. The Professor of Media and Information Policy in Michigan State University

Sergey Loyko

Correspondent at Los Angeles Times, journalist in Associated Press. Author of “Shock and Awe. War in Iraq”

Alexander Amzin

Lecturer of Journalism Department (Moscow State University), the author of a famous book "News Internet-journalism".

Olga Solomatina

Media trainer, copywriter, is training on the basis of her own programs “Rules of communication with Mass Media”, “It’s easy to Write” for 4 years by now. Editor of special projects at publishing house “Commersant”

Sergey Shalaev

CEO in, the founder of start-up (included into the top 10 innovative projects in the rating of "Wired" magazine)

Ksenia Chudinova

Director of special projects at "Snob Magazine"

Victoria Butenko

CNN International producer in Ukraine. Cooperate with NBC, BBC 

Dasha Zarivnaya

Chief Editor in L'Officiel Ukraine

Vira Chernush

Director of marketing and special projects at "Focus"

Elmar Murtazaev

Editor-in-chief at "Forbes Russia"

Illya Azar

Special correspondent at Meduza Project

Sergey Buntman

First deputy of chief editor at “Echo of Moscow”

Illya Zhegulev

Chief-produsser in "Дождь" TV channel

Vladislav Ivaschenko

Chief editor at PlayBoy in Ukraine and Russia

Tatiana Grinyova

Founder and Head of the project

Iliya Krasilschik

Chief editor at “Afisha” (2008 – 2013), later worked as director of “Afisha” products (until 2014). Director of publishing informational portal “Meduza”

Victor Sakson

Director of digital products of a publishing house Sanoma Independent Media (Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harpers's Bazaar, Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, The Moscow Times, Vedomosti, Popular Mechanics)

Galina Timchenko

Chief editor in “Meduza” internet edition, previously worked as a chief editor in internet edition (since 2004 till 2014)

Valeri Panushkin

Journalist, columnist in project "Snob"

Ekaterina Gorchinskaya

Correspondent at The Wall Street Journal, Kyiv Post. Cooperates with Financial Times, The Economist, BBC

Michael Zygar

Chief editor at TV-channel “Dozhd”. Has been working at “Commersant” as a special correspondent at zones of conflict – Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq since 2000. Works as a deputy chief editor at “Russian Newsweek” magazine from 2009 till 2010

Karen Shainyan

Chief editor at Slon Magazine, project manager at Slon Premium (paid subscription for content)

Olesya Gerasimenko

Special correspondent at Publishing House “Commersant”, author of the book “Non United Russia”. One of the best journalist-reporters

Svetlana Vasilenko

Journalist and radio host at “Kiev 98 FM”. Author of an elocution course

Sergey Krivokhatko

Editor at Esquire Russia magazine (till 2014), football journalist

Bruce Shapiro

Chief executive officer at Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma (Columbia University in New York City)

Saken Aimurzaev

Staff correspondent at radio “Echo of Moscow” in Ukraine, chief editor at radio “Vesti”

Paul Radu

Director at Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (journalist organization for corruption and organized crimes investigation”. Works for BBC News Night, NBC, CBS, ABS News

Sevgil Musaeva

Chief editor at “Ukrayinska Pravda”. Previously worked as an editor and project manager of “HUBS”, correspondent at “Forbes Ukraine” magazine (till 2013)

Anton Pidlutskiy

Chief editor at informational agency “RBK Ukraine”

Eugen Shpitko

Chief editor at "Forbes Ukraine". Later worked as editor in "Economichna Pravda" and "Real Economy"

Dmitriy Raimov

Dmitriy Raimov

Founder and curator of Free Journalism School


Viktoria Yermolenko

Viktoria Yermolenko

Entry Manager in Free Journalism School



Alla Guryanova

Alla Guryanova

Curator of Free Journalism School

Contact information for entry

(Monday – Friday since 9:00 AM to 6.00 PM,
Saturday and Sunday – days off)

+38 044 362 28 36 | +38 067 508 68 58 | +38 093 252 27 31 

mail to:

School venue: 21 Konstantinovskaya street, Kiev. Location map on google maps

Lectern venue: 57 Vladimirovskaya street (Kiev House of Teachers). Location map on google maps

Киевский дом учителя